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Sponsored rider Lachlan Hill has enjoyed convincing wins in all four races at Broadford over weekend 12th/13th April 2014 on his Yamaha TZ350
Featured Products, Modifications and Services  
  • fork cartridge valve
    Designed in-house, our VP3 and VP4 systems offer the greatest scope for tuning ever
  PMA Shock Pistons
  • pma shock conversion
    with tailored port dimensions to give the right feel for any linkaged rear suspension design
  Fork Tubes  
  Road/Race Shock Equipment
  • custom shocks
    High quality replacement units manufactured to suit your individual requirements
Dirtbike/Offroad Shock Equipment  
  Bike lowering is done internally (front and rear) to maintain handling characteristics. How much a bike can be lowered before handling and safety become an issue is dependent on bike design and application. For info on your particular make and model call for advice on 03 9560 2770.

Note: The lowering process is reversible, should you wish to change it back in the future.
Featured Motorcycle Reviews  
  Triumph Bonneville T100 Hold that ROAD  
  Bloody brilliant! The first thing you notice is of course that the bike doesn't slump on its rear springs like a cringing dog the moment you get on board.  
  Kawasaki 1200 ZXR PROJECT ZED  
  I've commented in previous tests.. that a suspension fiddle was on the must-do list. Well, it's now mission accomplished - and the transformation is impressive.  
  On the surface, the range of adjustability appears to allow individual owners to get a setting just right for them so why did we consider additional tuning?  
  Yamaha WR450 SPEED BUMPS  
  There are many variables in suspension sensitivity - rider weight, rider/bike weight, weight distribution, the addition of pillion passenger and luggage, and so on, and every adjustment you make affects another aspect of suspension performance.  
  California Stone SERIOUS SUSPENSION  
  The low-speed compression damping in the forks is noticable leaving the driveway and those rutted/corrugated tight 60kph apex's are taken with full confidence.  
Motorycle Suspension Setup Guide  

At right

Glenn's Ducati 999SS with a revalve to better suit his riding style
  Kawasaki H2R Race 1971 Chassis and Suspension Mods