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Showa Forks

    Below is a brief description of what's involved. Our quotes are fixed for forks and shocks which are off the bike. Any additional work that may be required will be quoted/advised.

fork service

Fully disassemble and clean all parts including shims, valves and adjusters. Refill oil to correct level. Worn seals, bushes, chrome plating are additional. See Maintenance Article for applicable service periods and Damping and Oils for the importance of oil and its usage in suspension performance.

fork revalve & service

Full Service as above. Revalved compression and rebound shimstacks to suit rider style, type of riding, rider feel, rider weight and load carried. Revalving the standard parts matches damping to springs; removing harshness and delivering good results with our individualised setup giving a big improvement over stock.
      Fork parts  

fork service twin chamber

As for Fork service (see above)

revalve and service twin chamber

As for Fork Revalve and Service above and we check chamber dimension and finish for wear as well as seals.

fork cylinder/mid valve remove/modify

Many forks have cylinder valves that interfere with compression damping, especially on big hits. Our modification corrects this. Mid-valves also play an important part in compression stroke. Rider preference as to feel and braking control/turn-in need to be tuned to suit the rider.

provalve damping control kit

reb. mod, service and set-up
Conventional damping systems (damper tube) have many shortcomings, excessive dive, harshness, very poor traction feel. All of these problems can be corrected with our exclusive shimstack driven Provalve high performance damping kit. Because of our multi-stage shimstack configuration, we can separately control dive rate, lo/mid and hi speed compression damping all in one easy to install kit. When fitted with the correct spring and rebound modifications as outlined in our instructions Your conventional fork set will be more than a challenge for the very best Motocross or Enduro bike. For exact fitment details and set-up costs please call. See Hold That Road and Serious Suspension for provalve conversion results.

PMA VP3 conversion

20mm Compression valve and standard rebound mod. including dive control. All the benefits of a much better compression valve and modified rebound to suit the spring.
  PMA VP3 + VP4 Fork and Shock valves  

PMA VP4 conversion

20mm VP4 Compression and Rebound valves + service and set-up. For best results, our PMA VP3 and VP4 tunable port pistons give any rider/bike combination the feel and control for wide range damping precision due to the ability to modify port dimensions to suit the application; allowing a broad range of motorcycle types and riding styles to be accommodated and giving far greater scope for tuning.

fork lowering and service

Price includes full service as above. Lowering is done internally (front and rear) to maintain handling characteristics. How much a bike can be lowered before handling and safety become an issue is dependent on bike design and application. For info on your particular make and model call for advice on 03 9560 2770.

Note: The lowering process is reversible, should you wish to change it back in the future.


fork leg straightening (ea)  P.O.A.


rechrome fork legs (pr)

Hardchrome re-plating, grinding and polishing to correct tolerances.
  Front Fork Tubes  

gold-nitride existing fork tubes  P.O.A.


fork removal

Labour charge for removal and replacement of forks to bike where necessary