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      George Scarfe's Honda
    CBX1000 '84 Restoration
    Project 29 May 2006
  Honda CBX1000 Restoration  
  Honda CBX1000 Restoration  
  George Scarfe Honda CBX1000 final result  
  "Guys, Thanks for your efforts with the suspension for the CBX. As you can see by the attached it went from nothing to something that not only looks good but also handles great and is a pleasure to ride. All the best, George Scarfe"  
Email to ProMechA 26 April 2009
Triumph Speed Triple 2006 Sports/Rideday

 Hi Pete,
Just some feedback re- my Street Triple suspension that you guys fixed for me. I set the sag to the correct amount by screwing the front down two rings and about 3mm on the rear. Off I went.
I backed the comp off a bit to try and smooth it out but it got rougher so I went back to your suggested settings and added 1/4 turn of rebound. Presto! Beautiful. This was on ordinary rough bitumen. It now handles fantastic, giving good feedback at all lean angles and speeds, the 2ct Mitchy front being replaced by a Bridgy 016 helped this as well. Money well spent, thanks very much guys, very happy.

Email to ProMechA 15 April 2010
MV Agusta Brutale 910S

Hi Peter & Tricia,
Sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you but with shift work & a busy life this happens.
Parts arrived no problem. I installed the forks & rear shock to the bike, set it up & rode, made some adjustments & rode some more. ( & so on)
You were right Peter it is now firm without the harshness.
I have ridden on most of the same crap roads I had ridden the Brutale on before you worked on the suspension.
The bike no longer dances across the road over a series of bumps or slaps the bars from side to side.
It doesn't deflect anymore and the front suspension actually works (up & down).
I can now put the bike through a series of bumps at speed with it maintaining its track & manners very well.
The rear is no longer hammering me from behind & is soaking up the road surface quite well. (once again it actually moves up & down)
I may reduce the spring preload a touch yet.
Compared to how it was, you have made my Brutale a rideable motorcycle in all situations, rather than just on nice smooth roads as it was before.
It is no longer scary over bumpy roads & allows me to have confidence in the bike rather than being worried about what it will do next.
You have turned this bike from a scary bucking & bouncing beast to the precise great handling motorcycle it was meant to be..
Had a run in with a Buell, he had to use both sides of the road through some nice twisties to block me from getting through whilst the MV never left it's side of the road & still went through the turns quicker. (He was too unpredictable/dangerous to risk going past)
I do have the bike setup too soft allround which I find covers me for any situation/road surface I come across.
Thank you for your efforts as I am pleased with the result.
Chris Sweeney