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    Honda   Blackbird 1100XX    
       < Application: Sports / Touring 95kg+80kg
Problem:     Wallowing in corners
Comments / observations:
    "Due to the lack of adjustability in the Blackbird's suspension I'm having trouble with going from riding on my own to taking the missus and some luggage on trips. Basically I need some ease of adjustment in the rear suspension preload. The existing shock is a pain in the arse to adjust and the spring is too soft anyway. As with the forks, they are sprung too soft and the damping needs some help...  Could you offer some suggestions to which way would be the best to go for some cost-effective modifications for the type of riding I do?"    
Yes, you are correct in your assessment of the XX front and rear suspension. Our usual fix for the front is to replace the spring, revalve compression and rebound, install a dive control circuit and then service and re-oil the fork. This leaves the fork with a plush action, a broad damping range (will do the job of carrying passenger and luggage and still handle. The rear shock can be revalved and re-sprung to suit your requirements as well as carry passenger and luggage.

However, you will need to adjust the preload to get the best results as well as adjust the rebound. We can fit a hydraulic preload adjuster (Ohlins Type fitted) then you can remotely adjust preload. The shock will have a plush firm damped feel that will reduce squat and enough adjustment range to carry a passenger etc.

  • Fork Revalve, Service Set-up and spring

  • Shock Revalve Service and set-up (Non-Rebuildable Conversion) and spring