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    Honda   VFR750F    
       < Application: Sports / Touring 75kg
Problem:     Excessive brake dive
Comments / observations:
    "Suffering from excessive dive"    
The Honda suffers from excessive brake dive for two reasons, the fork spring is too soft and is a multi-rate spring (i.e. soft and hard ranges together) and there is no dive control function and lo-speed compression damping is too soft. The damping cartridge uses the Showa big port pistons which are suited to the VFR.

We can revalve your standard cartridge to to give broader compression damping with no harshness and also revalve the rebound and include dive control to suit the new spring. This will result in a plush ride with incredible braking control and very stable front end feel.  The rear shock is also under-damped and has a harsh feel, we can also revalve this unit to remove harshness, control squat and help stop pitching.  The standard spring will be o.k. for your weight (75kg) and doesn't need to be changed.


  • Fork Revalve, Service Set-up and spring

  • Shock Revalve Service and set-up (Non-Rebuildable Conversion)