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Application: Sports / Touring 70kg
Problem:     Bike Lowering
Comments / observations:
"I'm sick of the wife dropping the bike (she's too short) feet hardly touch the ground. HELP"
We lower quite a few motorcycles for people who have the same problem (both men and women). However, you must lower both front and rear suspension at the same time. If you don't, the geometry of the bike will be compromised and will affect the handling and obviously, it's not going to be good.

So what we would recommend is to lower the front and rear 25mm, this is usually sufficient to allow people to get their feet far enough down to the ground without compromising handling and suspension action too much. You should also consider revalving the forks and shock at the same time to enhance the suspension action. When we modify the suspension we get rid of harshness, excessive dive and provide a far more confident feel. The standard suspension is set for someone around 60kg and not very sophisticated with the internal set-up.



  • Fork Revalve, Service and Set-up (including lowering)


  • Shock Revalve Service and set-up  (Non-Rebuildable Conversion) and re-sprung


  • Fork lowering and service


  • Shock lowering and service