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    Kawasaki   ZRX1200R    
       < Application: Sports / Rideday 75kg
Problem:     Wallowing in corners
Comments / observations:
    "Hi, I would like to upgrade the front suspension on my zrx and understand that the cartridges used in 04 and later models are sealed on the compression valve, making it difficult to upgrade.

I used the bike mainly for sports riding/touring and a few ride days.

The bike seems to wallow a bit in fast corners and the adjustment range is poor.

I currently have the compression damping backed right out and the rebound 1 click from max. This makes a difference from the standard settings but still not great. Seems to be too much compression and not enough rebound?

I have read about your work Ken's (AMCN) ZRX and was surprised to hear the forks were revalved, no other suspension shops have said they can be done?

Any advice and upgrade options you would recommend for this bike?



The forks will have too soft feel for a rider of your weight and will dive quicker than is ideal. We can revalve the original fork and shock equipment and where needed fit new springs. These changes are a big increase over the std set-up. The standard set-up suits a touring rider of 70-80kg forks & 75-85kgs shock. We recommend a revalve for your riding application.

We individualise our settings for the best result but for ride day or race bike performance, the standard pistons need to be changed. Check our web site ( for fork and shock piston kits & setups that will suit any application

Regarding your settings on your ZRX, you have gone past the usable range for these adjusters, this is a sure sign that the setup isn't working for you.

The "others" you mentioned would need to have a solid engineering background and a workshop with the right equipment, then they wouldn't say "can't be done"

  • Fork Revalve Service Set-up and spring
    We include dive control and an individualised setup to get the best from your standard parts
  • PMA Fork Pistons VP4 installed, service included and springs
    Optimises flow characteristics to suit your riding style

  • Shock Revalve including service and set-up and Spring
    Rider weight and riding style based set-up with standard piston
  • PMA Shock Piston VP4 installed, service included and spring
    Corrects std piston compromises for best damping range and feel
  • Shock flow valve - this controls rear suspension squat rats and increases damping range via an included shim stack