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Comments / observations:
    "Steering is too light and shakes - what steering dampers do you have?"    
Most headshake problems, especially with your application of sports/touring, come from the rear shock. It unloads the front, the back squats too far and causes headshake, light steering, and lack of traction over bumps (especially when cornering).

When the suspension is correctly set-up with springs and damping to suit the rider and the application, for most road and not-too-serious track conditions, the steering damper is not needed.

I should explain - a steering damper's job on a roadbike is to control side-to-side oscillations of the front wheel (headshake). As an extreme example - consider a Race Bike where the front wheel will very likely come off the track. If it hits a bump when it comes down it can cause headshake; that's the job of a steering damper - to stop this.

(Recommended solution)

  • Fork Revalve, Service, set-up and spring

  • Shock Revalve Service and set-up (Non-Rebuildable Conversion)  and shock spring